Public Service Announcement: BACK IT UP!

It’s a lesson you think you only need to learn once. Until the next time it happens and you just want to tell every single person you see. “Backup your data if you haven’t for a while.”
A new computer soon isn’t a new computer. Before you know it you’ve invested a lot of time and energy on the contents it holds. You keep thinking iI’ll just do this bit and then I’ll back it up.


Saying yes to something I never thought I would

Last night I took part in a fight night. I wrapped my hands, popped my mouth guard in, strapped on a head guard, and put on my boxing gloves. Then entered the boxing arena for a friendly sparring match in front of a crowd. By friendly I mean we weren’t to punch each other in the head and it wasn’t a scored fight. However torsos and arms were fair go and my chest plate took a few good whacks to it.

I Went Back To School At 30. (and I am so glad I did!)

After quitting my job, a mental breakdown, and moving back in with my parents, and having just turned 30; it was time to have a think and consider my life once more.

I thought about ways in which I could incorporate the things I enjoyed and wanted more of in my life. I decided to take the plunge and go back to school. Gear myself with knowledge to embark on a new path. (more…)

The Play That Goes Wrong

A giggle, chortle, snort, and rip roaring belly laugh.

Last night was full of laughter and entertainment at Melbourne’s Comedy Theatre. ‘The Play That Goes Wrong‘ is a high energy slapstick comedy. A portrayal of “The Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society” and their production of a 1920’s murder mystery whodunit. Winning the title of Best New Comedy at London’s Olivier Awards last year and packing out theatres in West End, The Play That Goes Wrong is making it’s Broadway debut next year. (more…)