Creating content and sourcing elements for projects can be a bit of a task at times. Perhaps you need a stock image, font, or some royalty free sounds. Below are a bunch of resources that you can use to find elements to help with your creative projects.


If you’re in need of some royalty free zero fee stock images Unsplash is a site for you. The site has an easy search function and no huge hurdles to jump through before you can start downloading images.


Creative Marketplace plays home to a range of design resources. From fonts to templates, images, patterns, or textures, there is a lot available to suit your needs. Most elements here are paid for however each week a range of items are also made available for free. By signing up to the mailing list you will be emailed about the new different free downloads. There have definitely been items here I have downloaded to save for another day and project I think they might come in handy with.


I am listing these two sites together as I tend to visit both most of the times I am on the hunt for a soundtrack. Both of these sites offer royalty free music which is great when you have a minimal budget and want to add a layer to a promo video or the like.

Ben Sound has a range of tracks available under the Creative Commons License and also has Pro License options if your project does not fall completely into the free scope.
Purple Planet Music operates in a similar way to Ben Sound. There are a variety of license options and the ability to pay for a higher than MP3 quality track.


Font Bundles have a range of free fonts available once you sign up to their site. As well as premium paid fonts they work in a similar fashion to the Creative Marketplace.


Sometimes stock still images won’t quite cut it. Pexels does offer stock images but it also has stock videos available. The collection has been growing and you might just be able to find a clip that will help finish that project you have been working on.

If you’re looking for premium footage though check out Filmsupply.


Look, I lied here is a 6th resource to add to your bookmarks.
Coolors is great for finding colour pairings. Create colour palettes easily and save them for future reference. If you have a particular colour or two you can add them to your palette and lock them. Press the spacebar to start cycling through colours on the other channels and find your ideal combination quickly and easily. You can manually adjust the colours to suit and take the hex codes to use in any other situations you want.